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paldo stable supports x86_64
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 paldo stable supports x86_64
With its 1.3 release, paldo has initial x86_64 support.

paldo x86_64 is not yet complete. There are several applications which refuse to build or to work properly on this new platform. Packages known to cause problems are deactivated and will not be installed along with the default paldo packages.

paldo x86_64 is a pure x86_64 build i.e there is no x86 support even if the hardware is able to do the emulation. This implies, that no binary built for x86 (i386) will run on paldo x86_64. The advantage on the other hand is that the distro is looking as normal as a x86 paldo one. There is no lib64 and libraries are not installed twice.

In order to install paldo x86_64 you need an x86_64 host system. Rescue discs containing traditional paldo wont work since the kernel on them does not support x86_64. The remaining installation procedures are the same as on x86.
Erstellt: 2005-08-08 09:50 von rasa
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