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Problem with connexion with card WIFI D-LINK USB
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 Problem with connexion with card WIFI D-LINK USB
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Registered: 2007-11-13

I have a wireless card brand D-Link (model DWA-160 [USB]). Apparently it is easily detected when you start your computer (although I must unplug it and that I put back on the stand) but when I choose my connection, I request WPA 2 (normal) and sometimes not connect and I do not understand why. Can you help me? I use the LiveCD version stable.

Thank you.
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Created: 2010-12-03 11:23
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 Re: Problem with connexion with card WIFI D-LINK USB
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Registered: 2009-02-26
Have you covered the basics? Checked for installed drivers or looked at using ndiswrapper? Doublechecked your WPA2 authentication? Distance from your router? Windows drivers under ndiswrapper sometimes result in weaker performance.

This doesn't sound paldo-related so much as a wireless hardware or installation issue. There are a number of posts on the Ubuntu forums for your adaptor that might help.

- Regards
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Created: 2010-12-05 00:15
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