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Shutdown Prop since 2.6.35.x
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 Shutdown Prop since 2.6.35.x
Junior Mitglied
Posts: 24
Registered: 2008-11-03
Hello Paldo Forum,

Using Testing x86 and since upgrade on 2.6.35.x Kernel Series my system doesn't
longer shut down properly.


Sending all process the kill signal

that ends with a 'failed'

i'm ending on a Maintainance Shell asking for password or ctrl-d

ctrl-d does nothing

through the maintainance shell i can then shutdown the pc with halt -p

is this a bug in Kernel 2.6.35 or is it my system itself.

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Created: 2010-10-02 14:57
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 Re: Shutdown Prop since 2.6.35.x
Junior Mitglied
Posts: 1
Registered: 2010-10-02
it's not a bug in kernel 2.6.35.x, it might be a process that fails to be terminated. I experienced that once, and i'm certain that it's init scripts that needs to be reinstalled or something like that.
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Created: 2010-10-02 20:28
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 Re: Shutdown Prop since 2.6.35.x
Posts: 73
Registered: 2009-07-15
The same goes for me with the x86/64-testing, so I do too believe it may be some script problem, somewhere.
When we are using the "testing" versions, it's normal that here or there some problem may happen. Anyway, usually they are not show stoppers and use to get fixed within a reasonable period of time.
As an example, for a period of time I was unable to activate the Nvidia driver, while using the x86-64-testing. Tried again with a clean install from one of the last week's build, and it all went right.
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Created: 2010-10-04 01:12
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