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Blender scripts incompatible with NLS
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 Blender scripts incompatible with NLS
Senior Mitglied
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Registered: 2008-07-04
hi everyone, I've been struggling to make yafaray work on most of the distributions, paldo is no exception

So Some of my scripts and yafaray in special made blender crash with segmentation fault.

From the output most of the people think it is related to QT4, because it segfaults right after the line : Creating QApplication.

The QT is not the problem, the problem is blender and nls, for some reason I still don't know, it makes some scripts crash or not function correctly, this happens on opensuse, fedora, gentoo, mandriva and others.

To fix this problem we need to disable the INTERNATIONAL option from blender and not install the files related so the correct spec for blender would be:

Code[In neuem Fenster öffnen]
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<package name="blender">
<description>free 3d modeller and renderer</description>
<!-- -->
<!-- Maintainer: Richard Nespithal -->
<!-- Modified by Diogo Lima on Jun 6 2010 -->
<release version="2.49a" revision="3" branch="testing">
<dep name="x11"/>
<dep name="xext"/>
<dep name="xxf86vm"/>
<dep name="freetype"/>
<dep name="SDL"/>
<dep name="Python"/>
<dep name="jpeg"/>
<dep name="libpng"/>
<dep name="zlib"/>
<dep name="openal"/>
<dep name="scons"/>
<dep name="freealut"/>
<dep name="openexr"/>
<dep name="ffmpeg"/>
<dep name="gettext"/>
<dep name="mesa"/>
<archive name="blender-$VERSION">
<cmd>scons -j 2 BF_PYTHON_VERSION=2.6 BF_BUILDDIR=blender-build BF_INSTALLDIR=blender-install WITH_BF_GAMEENGINE=true WITH_BF_FREETYPE=true WITH_BF_INTERNATIONAL=false</cmd>
<cmd>install -D -m 755 blender-install/blender /usr/bin/blender-bin</cmd>
<cmd>mkdir -p /usr/lib/blender</cmd>
<!-- rm old rls -->
<cmd>rm -rfv /usr/lib/blender/*</cmd>
<!--<cmd>cp -a blender-install/.blender/{locale,scripts} blender-install/plugins /usr/lib/blender</cmd>-->
<cmd>cp -a blender-install/.blender/scripts blender-install/plugins /usr/lib/blender</cmd>
<!--<cmd>install -m 644 blender-install/.blender/.Blanguages /usr/lib/blender</cmd>-->
<!--<cmd>install -m 644 blender-install/.blender/.bfont.ttf /usr/lib/blender</cmd>-->

<cmd check="no">cat &gt; /usr/share/applications/blender.desktop &lt;&lt; "EOF"
[Desktop Entry]
Name=Blender 3D Modeller
Comment=Create and edit 3D models and animations
<cmd>install -D release/freedesktop/icons/scalable/blender.svg /usr/share/pixmaps/blender.svg</cmd>

<!-- Blender Start Script -->
<text dest="/usr/bin/blender" mode="755"><![CDATA;then
blender-bin "$@"
blenderstarter "$@"

The modifications are in BOLD.

So summarizing:

    change BF_INTERNATIONAL=true to BF_INTERNATION=false
    do not install locale .Blanguages or .bfont.ttf

This should fix the misbehaving of some blender python scripts
OSs: Paldo-testing x86_64 :: HP Pavilion dv9680ez
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Created: 2010-06-06 18:33
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