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X FontPath being left of from fonts installation
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missing /etc/FontPath.d/* files
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 X FontPath being left of from fonts installation
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Hi everyone,

So a long time ago, all the major programs have migrated from the old XFontPath style to the fontconfig pattern. But if you still have a gtk 1.2 application you'll see that they still rely on XFontPath

So "ALL", I do mean all, distributions except mandriva (and derived) ignores the XFontPath from their font installation.

This is wrong, because not all the apps rely on fontconfig, naming cycasCAD (a program I use) which is a gtk 1.2 based interface.

So it needs to be fixed! Here is the very simple way to fix it:

1) On the package archive it should exist a link from the folder where the font.scale and font.dir are to the folder /etc/FontPath.d/

2) After installing the fonts, we need to run "xset fp rehash" so that the user doesn't need to restart the X server to get the fonts working on these older applications.

So as an example I'll post here the modified spec of liberation fonts:

SPEC Package: liberation-fonts-ttf

Code[In neuem Fenster öffnen]
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<package name="liberation-fonts-ttf">
<description>Liberation Fonts</description>
<release version="3" revision="1" branch="stable">
<archive name="liberation-fonts-ttf-$VERSION">
<cmd>install -dv /usr/share/fonts/$NAME</cmd>

<cmd>cp -av * /usr/share/fonts/$NAME/</cmd>
# Make sure that the FontPath.d folder exists
<cmd>mkdir -p /etc/FontPath.d</cmd>
# Install the symlink
<cmd> ln -s /usr/share/$NAME /etc/FontPath.d/$NAME</cmd>

# Add post installation commands
# Rehash the XFontCache and without checking so upkg doesn't fail if Xorg is not running
<cmd check="no">xset fp rehash</cmd>


So here in red and bold, I present the modifications necessary for the font packages.

The font packages that require the modifications are:


The builtin fonts for xorg should not need these modifications, these are they:


To check what I'm talking about, you can try to use xlsfonts (present on the repository). If you open a terminal and type xlsfonts, you'll see a list of the fonts present on the XFontCache, and you'll see that most of the fonts that openoffice shows you, the xlsfonts is not capable of showing. This is because the XFontPath is not completed.

Once again, I'm sorry for the long post and please make these modifications on the font specs. Even though I only said about cycasCAD as one application that relies on it, all the applications of the X.Org group relies on the FontPath, so it also makes difference, for example, on xterm, xfontsel, xclock, xmessage and others.
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Created: 2010-05-26 00:20
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