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Iwl3945 Problem
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Kernel Config modification request
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 Iwl3945 Problem
Senior Mitglied
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Registered: 2008-07-04
Hi everyone, so from sometime (since kernel I have been struggling with a problem because of the mac80211 rewrite.

After sometime the wireless disconnect and then networkmanager tries to reconnect

The dmesg output says that it disconnected because there was no probe response from AP XX:XX:XX:XX after 500 ms.

This has been hunting me and this problem sometimes happens after 6 hours of usage but sometimes like in Fedora 12 it takes 12 minutes to be problematic... imagine each 12 minutes your network disconnects

But now from kernel and on the problem seem to be disappeared, but only if the MEASUREMENT_SPECTRUM for iwl3945 is not enabled, which is enabled by default on paldo's kernel.

I'm talking to you using gentoo with kernel 2.6.32-r7 and after compiling with SPECTRUM and without I saw that without the SPECTRUM I didn't had the problem and right now my CPU is turned on about 20:15 hours and no sign of network problems. I also attempted recompiling this option on Mandriva, Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora... all of them solved my problem... it seems the driver is bugged and SPECTRUM is the cause.

So here is my request... please if it won't cause any problems to other users turn off SPECTRUM:


OSs: Paldo-testing x86_64 :: HP Pavilion dv9680ez
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Created: 2010-05-04 00:22
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 Re: Iwl3945 Problem
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Thanks for the suggestion and tests. The config change shouldn't cause any problems for iwl3945 users. It's now disabled in
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Created: 2010-05-04 08:22
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