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New Paldo-xfce-livecd
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 New Paldo-xfce-livecd
Junior Mitglied
Posts: 16
Registered: 2009-03-16
I create a new xfce-livecd for paldo based on Amnon82 livecd.

Software included
- Xfce
- Slim
- Midori
- Sylpheed
- Gimp
- xarchiver

The paldo installer don't work. fstab is not created. The entries in grub are the ones of the live cd.

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Created: 2009-12-22 15:31
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 Re: New Paldo-xfce-livecd
Junior Mitglied
Posts: 8
Registered: 2009-08-23
Hi there,

I had a look at this, but couldn't find a way to get it connected to an open wifi access point. The machine has a Ralink rt2561 card, the firmware appears to be present, lsmod looks good. NetworkManager is running but nm-applet doesn't appear to be included, hence no way to use NetworkManager. Am I missing something obvious here?
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Created: 2010-02-12 06:11
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 Re: New Paldo-xfce-livecd
Posts: 50
Registered: 2009-02-26
The xfce spin seemed to be Amnon82's project, and he has been with Chakra for the last year or so. Perhaps try contacting him there - he may still be willing to field questions.
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Created: 2010-02-20 19:04
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