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Blender Spec
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The initial script
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 Blender Spec
Senior Mitglied
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Hi everyone, blender spec from testing has implemented inside a initial trigger bash script that uses zenity to ask the user if he wants to start blender on fullscreen or not.

* So this is anoying and I know that blender on fullscreen is really a good thing to have so I'm here to give you the solution using metacity so the devs can remove this initial zenity trigger

* Go to the System -> preferences -> Keyboard Shortcuts and search for a Toggle Fullscreen , you'll see that it is disabled click on it and set a shortcut like Meta+F11 then now any screen, not only blender, you can get fullscreen with the Meta+F11

* This way we can have blender normally and if needed on fullscreen just use that shortcut, also this enables a better feature to blender: now I need fullscreen and now not that can not be used if we keep with the normal zenity trigger
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Created: 2009-07-29 00:33
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