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GPT support patch for GRUB 0.9x
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 GPT support patch for GRUB 0.9x
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Hi guys,

lately I've been playing with UEFI on my new mobo (Intel DP45SG). Unfortunately UEFI can't boot to "msdos" labelled disks so I changed the label to GPT (GUID Partition Type) which UEFI supports. Obviously I needed to reinstall my system. Everything seemed to work perfectly until the installer had to setup GRUB on the MBR which resulted in an error.

I searched over the net and I found out that GRUB "legacy" doesn't support GPT disks and they won't be supported upstream because EFI/GPT support is a "GRUB 2.0 thing".

I found this patch from gentoo. Can it be used for paldo too? Otherwise can GRUB 2.0 fit in the next release?

Thank you,
Running GNU/Linux Paldo 1.18 (unstable). Rock my box!
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Created: 2009-07-15 20:21 | Modified: 2009-07-15 20:21 by axelgenus
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