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Generate paldo packages
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Script and packages generator by erich hoffmann
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 Generate paldo packages
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First of all, credit goes to the author erich hoffmann. It is still in heavy development and should be seen as a internal release. Version 0.3 is well documented and should help you to understand the purpose of the script.

Here some out of the Readme:

# Quick start
# ___________
# 0. Fill in the following two parameters:
# -intended branch
# -path to your local repository
# 1. Copy the source code tarball to a location where you want
# to build the package.
# 2. Open a bash shell and source this script so that you
# have the functions in the memory.
# When you '>source [path-to]/,
# you see a message on how to proceed.
# 3. Run "Guess_Names_ [tarball] (optional: {compression} {version})
# 4. Edit the now generated config_.log, if the guesses are wrong.
# 5. Run '> Unpack_Package_' with no argument. You a now in a subdirectory.
# 6. The tarball is extracted into 3 directories; leave *.orig and *.patch
# alone. Experiment in the 3rd one.
# Try a ./configure and a make.
# 7. Find out the dependencies and write a patch if necessary (in the *.patch dir).
# 8. Edit _[package].sh to your needs. If you write a patch,
# comment out the unset-line for that patch.
# 9. Run _[package].sh. Check the spec file. When everything is right,
# uncomment the 'Install_To_Repository_' line and run the script again.
# The package is no in place.
#10. Become root and run '>upkg-install --enable-source [Package Name].

Make your own picture out of it by downloading the program here:

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Created: 2009-03-07 22:52
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 Re: Generate paldo packages
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Very good
OS: Paldo-1.18-testing (Gnome 2.26.2)
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Created: 2009-03-15 13:31
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