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ntfs-3g (input/output error)
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 ntfs-3g (input/output error)
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Well, I`ve a 2.5" External USB HDD with 2 ntfs partitions.
It seems I damaged the first ntfs partition somehow.
It creates the folder but brings me then the error (input/output).
After I unmount the partition and remount I can copy the file
into the folder and it stops at the creation of the next folder.

Second partition is ok. Seems I´ve messedup the filesystem somehow.
First I thougth it was ntfs-3g but it wasn´t.

I´ll search now the net for a ntfs ckdsk only just for testing
if I can fix the file system.

If the partition is formated with ext3 it gets only mounted with
root rights. Is there a way to have also write rights as normal user?
Maybe I find also an answer about this in the net ...
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Created: 2009-02-06 13:51
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