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Remove Developer Tools
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 Remove Developer Tools
Junior Mitglied
Posts: 3
Registered: 2009-01-19
Hi everybody,

my name is Richy, I'm new to paldo and I've got a first small question

Is it possible to remove the developer-tools? I installed the live-cd and after an upgrade I got Glade-3, etc. etc.

Code[In neuem Fenster öffnen]
sudo upkg-remove --force devhelp

will install the package after an upgrade again...

Thanks for your help
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Created: 2009-01-19 12:18
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 Re: Remove Developer Tools
Posts: 1187
Registered: 2006-11-23
It is possible, but you've to edit some files.

The live-cd uses the package paldo-desktop

A select-file for this package keeps it installed. Also the dependencies, som you complaint you don't need:

  • paldo-desktop-base
  • paldo-development-desktop
  • paldo-desktop-chat
  • paldo-desktop-graphics
  • paldo-desktop-multimedia
  • paldo-desktop-office
  • paldo-desktop-web
  • quick-lounge-applet
  • bookmark-applet
  • seahorse
  • paldo-disk-tools-desktop
  • paldo-hardware-desktop
  • deskbar-applet
  • deskbar-calculator
  • nautilus-open-terminal
  • nautilus-sendto
  • eiciel
  • gnome-backgrounds
  • gnome-themes-extras
  • zenity
  • gnome-launch-box

The select-file gets created like this:

Code[In neuem Fenster öffnen]
sudo echo "Package: paldo-desktop" > /var/lib/upkg/packages/

Remove it with:

Code[In neuem Fenster öffnen]
sudo rm -f /var/lib/upkg/packages/

Then create select-files for the dependencies you want to keep like:

Code[In neuem Fenster öffnen]
sudo echo "Package: paldo-desktop-base" > /var/lib/upkg/packages/

Look into each package to see the dependencies.
We know it is not the best way, but it is how we do it atm.
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Created: 2009-01-20 14:00
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