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FreeMind - Can't open "Preferences"
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 FreeMind - Can't open "Preferences"
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Registered: 2008-08-16
besides paldo, the other great discovery I've made in my live is FreeMind. Totally awesome app but for some reason i can't open preferences to adjust some settings like where to find firefox etc ..

Those of you who use FreeMind, can you open preferences? I've tried the shortcuts to but no go.

Thanks :)

P.S. Come to think of it, since this is a paldo specific compile, it would be cool to have the locations for firefox and OpenOffice already linked so that it works without adjusting (assuming users install firefox)
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Created: 2008-09-11 11:00 | Modified: 2008-09-11 11:03 by seanix
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 Re: FreeMind - Can't open "Preferences"
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Registered: 2006-11-23
I started freemind in a terminal and tried to open the perferences dialog. This was what came out:

For firefox, I tried to get the simplest way to have locales in it with the package firefox-translations. Maybe we will find a easier way later on.
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Created: 2008-09-12 12:56
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