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Mind mapping and crypto program suggestion
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 Mind mapping and crypto program suggestion
Junior Mitglied
Posts: 6
Registered: 2008-08-27
I have been using Paldo since 1.13. It is truly one of the best live distros
using Gnome. I am also a long term user of Slackware. However, my first taste of
linux was Debian.

I would like to suggest inclusion of either Semantik or Kdissert in your packages.
A mind mapper/concept mapper is very useful for academic purposes. Another useful package is Truecrypt. May I suggest inclusion in the packages as well.

Thanks for all the work on Paldo.
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Created: 2008-08-28 05:47
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 Re: Mind mapping and crypto program suggestion
Posts: 1187
Registered: 2006-11-23
I'll look into it ...
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Created: 2008-08-28 08:36
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