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Not able to hear Audio
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 Re: Not able to hear Audio
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Registered: 2006-11-23
its a sigmatel codec. it is known that it has some troubles:

You need to find the right options for your chip. Add it like this

Code[In neuem Fenster öffnen]
options snd-hda-intel model=YOURMODEL

to /etc/modprobe.d/sound

Some examples:

Code[In neuem Fenster öffnen]
echo "options snd_hda_intel model=5stack" >> /etc/modprobe.d/sound
echo "options snd_hda_intel position_fix=2" >> /etc/modprobe.d/sound

Code[In neuem Fenster öffnen]
echo "options snd-hda-intel model=gateway" >> /etc/modprobe.d/sound

All options for snd-hda-intel:

Code[In neuem Fenster öffnen]
Module snd-hda-intel

Module for Intel HD Audio (ICH6, ICH6M, ESB2, ICH7, ICH8),
ATI SB450, SB600, RS600,
VIA VT8251/VT8237A,
SIS966, ULI M5461

[Multiple options for each card instance]
model - force the model name
position_fix - Fix DMA pointer (0 = auto, 1 = none, 2 = POSBUF, 3 = FIFO size)
probe_mask - Bitmask to probe codecs (default = -1, meaning all slots)

[Single (global) options]
single_cmd - Use single immediate commands to communicate with
codecs (for debugging only)
enable_msi - Enable Message Signaled Interrupt (MSI) (default = off)
power_save - Automatic power-saving timtout (in second, 0 =
power_save_controller - Reset HD-audio controller in power-saving mode
(default = on)

This module supports multiple cards and autoprobe.

Each codec may have a model table for different configurations.
If your machine isn't listed there, the default (usually minimal)
configuration is set up. You can pass "model=<name>" option to
specify a certain model in such a case. There are different
models depending on the codec chip.

Model name Description
---------- -----------
3stack 3-jack in back and a headphone out
3stack-digout 3-jack in back, a HP out and a SPDIF out
5stack 5-jack in back, 2-jack in front
5stack-digout 5-jack in back, 2-jack in front, a SPDIF out
6stack 6-jack in back, 2-jack in front
6stack-digout 6-jack with a SPDIF out
w810 3-jack
z71v 3-jack (HP shared SPDIF)
asus 3-jack (ASUS Mobo)
asus-w1v ASUS W1V
asus-dig ASUS with SPDIF out
asus-dig2 ASUS with SPDIF out (using GPIO2)
uniwill 3-jack
fujitsu Fujitsu Laptops (Pi1536)
F1734 2-jack
lg LG laptop (m1 express dual)
lg-lw LG LW20/LW25 laptop
tcl TCL S700
clevo Clevo laptops (m520G, m665n)
test for testing/debugging purpose, almost all controls can be
adjusted. Appearing only when compiled with
auto auto-config reading BIOS (default)

hp HP machines
hp-3013 HP machines (3013-variant)
fujitsu Fujitsu S7020
acer Acer TravelMate
will Will laptops (PB V7900)
replacer Replacer 672V
basic fixed pin assignment (old default model)
test for testing/debugging purpose, almost all controls can
adjusted. Appearing only when compiled with
auto auto-config reading BIOS (default)

fujitsu Fujitsu Laptop
hp-bpc HP xw4400/6400/8400/9400 laptops
hp-bpc-d7000 HP BPC D7000
hp-tc-t5735 HP Thin Client T5735
hp-rp5700 HP RP5700
benq Benq ED8
benq-t31 Benq T31
hippo Hippo (ATI) with jack detection, Sony UX-90s
hippo_1 Hippo (Benq) with jack detection
sony-assamd Sony ASSAMD
ultra Samsung Q1 Ultra Vista model
basic fixed pin assignment w/o SPDIF
auto auto-config reading BIOS (default)

3stack 3-stack model
toshiba Toshiba A205
acer Acer laptops
dell Dell OEM laptops (Vostro 1200)
zepto Zepto laptops
test for testing/debugging purpose, almost all controls can
adjusted. Appearing only when compiled with
auto auto-config reading BIOS (default)

3stack-dig 3-stack (2-channel) with SPDIF
3stack-6ch 3-stack (6-channel)
3stack-6ch-dig 3-stack (6-channel) with SPDIF
6stack-dig 6-stack with SPDIF
lenovo-101e Lenovo laptop
eeepc-p701 ASUS Eeepc P701
eeepc-ep20 ASUS Eeepc EP20
auto auto-config reading BIOS (default)

3stack-dig 3-jack with SPDIF I/O
6stack-dig 6-jack digital with SPDIF I/O
arima Arima W820Di1
targa Targa T8, MSI-1049 T8
asus-a7j ASUS A7J
asus-a7m ASUS A7M
macpro MacPro support
mbp3 Macbook Pro rev3
imac24 iMac 24'' with jack detection
w2jc ASUS W2JC
auto auto-config reading BIOS (default)

3stack-dig 3-jack with SPDIF I/O
6stack-dig 6-jack digital with SPDIF I/O
3stack-6ch 3-jack 6-channel
3stack-6ch-dig 3-jack 6-channel with SPDIF I/O
6stack-dig-demo 6-jack digital for Intel demo board
acer Acer laptops (Travelmate 3012WTMi, Aspire 5600, etc)
acer-aspire Acer Aspire 9810
medion Medion Laptops
medion-md2 Medion MD2
targa-dig Targa/MSI
targa-2ch-dig Targs/MSI with 2-channel
laptop-eapd 3-jack with SPDIF I/O and EAPD (Clevo M540JE, M550JE)
lenovo-101e Lenovo 101E
lenovo-nb0763 Lenovo NB0763
lenovo-ms7195-dig Lenovo MS7195
haier-w66 Haier W66
6stack-hp HP machines with 6stack (Nettle boards)
3stack-hp HP machines with 3stack (Lucknow, Samba boards)
6stack-dell Dell machines with 6stack (Inspiron 530)
mitac Mitac 8252D
auto auto-config reading BIOS (default)

3stack 3-jack
3stack-dig 3-jack with SPDIF I/O
6stack-dig 6-jack with SPDIF I/O
3stack-660 3-jack (for ALC660)
uniwill-m31 Uniwill M31 laptop
toshiba Toshiba laptop support
asus Asus laptop support
asus-laptop ASUS F2/F3 laptops
auto auto-config reading BIOS (default)

3stack 3-jack
3stack-dig 3-jack with SPDIF OUT
6stack-dig 6-jack with SPDIF OUT
3stack-660 3-jack (for ALC660VD)
3stack-660-digout 3-jack with SPDIF OUT (for ALC660VD)
lenovo Lenovo 3000 C200
dallas Dallas laptops
hp HP TX1000
auto auto-config reading BIOS (default)

minimal 3-jack in back
min_fp 3-jack in back, 2-jack in front
full 6-jack in back, 2-jack in front
full_dig 6-jack in back, 2-jack in front, SPDIF I/O
allout 5-jack in back, 2-jack in front, SPDIF out
auto auto-config reading BIOS (default)

3stack 3-stack mode (default)
6stack 6-stack mode

AD1884A / AD1883 / AD1984A / AD1984B
desktop 3-stack desktop (default)
laptop laptop with HP jack sensing
mobile mobile devices with HP jack sensing


basic 3-jack (default)
hp HP nx6320
thinkpad Lenovo Thinkpad T60/X60/Z60
toshiba Toshiba U205


basic default configuration
thinkpad Lenovo Thinkpad T61/X61
dell Dell T3400

6stack 6-jack, separate surrounds (default)
3stack 3-stack, shared surrounds
laptop 2-channel only (FSC V2060, Samsung M50)
laptop-eapd 2-channel with EAPD (Samsung R65, ASUS A6J)
laptop-automute 2-channel with EAPD and HP-automute (Lenovo N100)
ultra 2-channel with EAPD (Samsung Ultra tablet PC)

6stack 6-jack
6stack-dig ditto with SPDIF
3stack 3-jack
3stack-dig ditto with SPDIF
laptop 3-jack with hp-jack automute
laptop-dig ditto with SPDIF
auto auto-config reading BIOS (default)

Conexant 5045
laptop-hpsense Laptop with HP sense (old model laptop)
laptop-micsense Laptop with Mic sense (old model fujitsu)
laptop-hpmicsense Laptop with HP and Mic senses
benq Benq R55E
test for testing/debugging purpose, almost all controls
can be adjusted. Appearing only when compiled with

Conexant 5047
laptop Basic Laptop config
laptop-hp Laptop config for some HP models (subdevice 30A5)
laptop-eapd Laptop config with EAPD support
test for testing/debugging purpose, almost all controls
can be adjusted. Appearing only when compiled with

Conexant 5051
laptop Basic Laptop config (default)
hp HP Spartan laptop

ref Reference board
dell-d21 Dell (unknown)
dell-d22 Dell (unknown)
dell-d23 Dell (unknown)
dell-m21 Dell Inspiron 630m, Dell Inspiron 640m
dell-m22 Dell Latitude D620, Dell Latitude D820
dell-m23 Dell XPS M1710, Dell Precision M90
dell-m24 Dell Latitude 120L
dell-m25 Dell Inspiron E1505n
dell-m26 Dell Inspiron 1501
dell-m27 Dell Inspiron E1705/9400
gateway Gateway laptops with EAPD control

ref Reference board
dell-m42 Dell (unknown)
dell-m43 Dell Precision
dell-m44 Dell Inspiron

ref Reference board
3stack D945 3stack
5stack D945 5stack + SPDIF
intel-mac-v1 Intel Mac Type 1
intel-mac-v2 Intel Mac Type 2
intel-mac-v3 Intel Mac Type 3
intel-mac-v4 Intel Mac Type 4
intel-mac-v5 Intel Mac Type 5
macmini Intel Mac Mini (equivalent with type 3)
macbook Intel Mac Book (eq. type 5)
macbook-pro-v1 Intel Mac Book Pro 1st generation (eq. type 3)
macbook-pro Intel Mac Book Pro 2nd generation (eq. type 3)
imac-intel Intel iMac (eq. type 2)
imac-intel-20 Intel iMac (newer version) (eq. type 3)
dell-d81 Dell (unknown)
dell-d82 Dell (unknown)
dell-m81 Dell (unknown)
dell-m82 Dell XPS M1210

ref Reference board, base config
m2-2 Some Gateway MX series laptops

m6 Some Gateway NX series laptops
pa6 Gateway NX860 series

ref Reference board
3stack D965 3stack
5stack D965 5stack + SPDIF
dell-3stack Dell Dimension E520
dell-bios Fixes with Dell BIOS setup

ref Reference board
dell-m4-1 Dell desktops
dell-m4-2 Dell desktops

ref Reference board
dell-m6 Dell desktops

vaio Setup for VAIO FE550G/SZ110
vaio-ar Setup for VAIO AR

The model name "genric" is treated as a special case. When this
model is given, the driver uses the generic codec parser without
"codec-patch". It's sometimes good for testing and debugging.

If the default configuration doesn't work and one of the above
matches with your device, report it together with the PCI
subsystem ID (output of "lspci -nv") to ALSA BTS or alsa-devel
ML (see the section "Links and Addresses").

power_save and power_save_controller options are for power-saving
mode. See powersave.txt for details.

Note 2: If you get click noises on output, try the module option
position_fix=1 or 2. position_fix=1 will use the SD_LPIB
register value without FIFO size correction as the current
DMA pointer. position_fix=2 will make the driver to use
the position buffer instead of reading SD_LPIB register.
(Usually SD_LPLIB register is more accurate than the
position buffer.)

NB: If you get many "azx_get_response timeout" messages at
loading, it's likely a problem of interrupts (e.g. ACPI irq
routing). Try to boot with options like "pci=noacpi". Also, you
can try "single_cmd=1" module option. This will switch the
communication method between HDA controller and codecs to the
single immediate commands instead of CORB/RIRB. Basically, the
single command mode is provided only for BIOS, and you won't get
unsolicited events, too. But, at least, this works independently
from the irq. Remember this is a last resort, and should be
avoided as much as possible...

MORE NOTES ON "azx_get_response timeout" PROBLEMS:
On some hardwares, you may need to add a proper probe_mask option
to avoid the "azx_get_response timeout" problem above, instead.
This occurs when the access to non-existing or non-working codec slot
(likely a modem one) causes a stall of the communication via HD-audio
bus. You can see which codec slots are probed by enabling
CONFIG_SND_DEBUG_DETECT, or simply from the file name of the codec
proc files. Then limit the slots to probe by probe_mask option.
For example, probe_mask=1 means to probe only the first slot, and
probe_mask=4 means only the third slot.

The power-management is supported.

or here:

Also you can try this script:

Download it and change the mod with

Code[In neuem Fenster öffnen]
sudo chmod a+x

Run it. Output you'll find in /tmp/alsa-info.txt.

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 Re: Not able to hear Audio
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Code[In neuem Fenster öffnen]
# sudo gpasswd -a <username> audio 
Adding user <username> to group audio

Hi Ammon82

This made the sound work (Padlo stable 2009-03-28) on my installation, could you include the audio group, when a new user is created (as part of into the installer)? Probably a new user is added automatically to certain groups (?)



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