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virgin login and password help!
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not a clue
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 virgin login and password help!
Junior Mitglied
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Registered: 2008-08-02
Hey, if anyone can help i would appreciate it!

i have the boot cd = rescue-cd-x86_64-stable

and it boots up on my comp, then asks for virgin login, and password

above this is a line which says "paldo stable (linux x86_64) on tty1"

iv looked on the forums and people have said for root as user, and paldo for pasword! root works, but on entering the password, it wont let me, no key apart from enter does anythink, so i press enter, and quickly type in paldo for my password and it does something, it comes up with a line, "[root@virgin:~]# "

if i type anything such as root or paldo, it says command not found

im stumped! cant fink what it wants to make it continue with installation. so i guess the word
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Created: 2008-08-02 00:32
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 Re: virgin login and password help!
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Rescue CD is only a terminal only version. The password is paldo as you already know.

"[root@virgin:~]# " is the normal dash. If you enter for examle:

Code[In neuem Fenster öffnen]
upkg should show you all installed packages on the cd.

Normally you use the rescue cd for this tutorial:

For a real version you've to use the live cd of paldo.
How to install that is discribed here
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Created: 2008-08-02 22:47
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