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DOCUMENTATION - upkg-Paketmanager
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not finished documentation for upkg
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 DOCUMENTATION - upkg-Paketmanager
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upkg-command > description > example |hint|


upkg-add > adds a packet (if it is a binary) > upkg-add dvd2hdd
upkg-build > builds a packet > upkg-build dvd2hdd
upkg-buildd > no documentation for this command yet
upkg-install > installs a packet (if it is a binary) > upkg-install dvd2hdd
upkg-reinstall > reinstalls a packet > upgk-reinstall dvd2hdd

Note: upkg-add and upkg-install don't build from source by default but adding --enable-source or using upkg-build changes that.

Note: you can use the "--force"-flag for upkg-install and upkg-build so you can disregard dependencies.


upkg-remove > removes a packet > upgk-remove dvd2hdd


upkg-check > checks a packet if it is installable > upkg-check dvd2hdd
upkg-list > lists all installed packets on your paldo system > upkg-list
upkg-search > searches for a packet/file > upkg-search dvd2hdd
upkg-show > shows all files of an installed packet > upkg-show dvd2hdd


upkg-bootstrap > installs paldo system > upkg-bootstrap --branch=stable paldo |paldo can be replaced by paldo-desktop, paldo-server or any other package if you don't need the default full installation|
upkg-chroot > command to change into the root-folder > upkg-chroot /upkg
upkg-repair-index > repairs upkg-packet-index > upkg-repair-index
upkg-upgrade > upgrades your paldo system > upkg-upgrade


upkg-repo > lists repository sources > upkg-repo |repository must be listed in /etc/upkg.conf|
upkg-sync > no documentation for this command yet
upkg-xref > no documentation for this command yet

correct me if I'm wrong
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Created: 2006-11-25 11:24 | Modified: 2007-02-08 23:43 by Amnon82
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 Re: DOCUMENTATION - upkg-Paketmanager
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Thanks, I've copied the command descriptions to the documentation section.
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Created: 2006-12-06 13:50
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