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There is a new service out called OnlineTVrecorder where you can record TV-Stations for free without having a VCR.

48 german Stations you can record at the same time. New user have 10 GB free space for recording over 20 hours. It is completely free. The only thing is you've to schedule your recordings yourself. Even a series-record option there is: For example you want to record a tv series every Monday, you've to schedule this only once.

I'm using this service since yesterday and I'm happy about the quality. Here is a screenshot of the last recording I did:

How to use:

  • Create an account at
  • Schedule your recordings
  • Download your finished recordings
  • Decrypt your recordings using otrdecoder

You can install the official otrdecoder using upkg:

Code[In neuem Fenster öffnen]
sudo upkg-install otrdecoder

I'll update the spec if a new version is out. Atm version 514 is the actual one.
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Created: 2008-07-10 08:47
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