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HOWTO - Firefox/Epiphany and irc:// link
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 HOWTO - Firefox/Epiphany and irc:// link
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Some of you want to have the irc-client started by clicking on an irc://-link in Firefox/Epiphany. For this we must create a script:

Code[In neuem Fenster öffnen]
xchat -e --url=$@

Then make it executable:

Code[In neuem Fenster öffnen]
# chmod +x ~/.xchat2/xchat4browser

Start up Firefox/Epiphany and enter into the url-line about:config.

Mouse-right-click and choose New > Boolean.

Firefox/Epiphany > New boolean value: network.protocol-handler.external.irc
Firefox > Value: true
Epiphany > double-click on network.protocol-handler.external.irc to set it to true

Now we have to do a string:

Firefox/Epiphany > Mouse-right-click and choose New > String.
Firefox/Epiphany > New String Value:
Firefox/Epiphany > Value: ~/.xchat2/xchat4browser

Now test it by entering irc:// into your url-line of Firefox/Epiphany.
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Created: 2006-11-24 23:47 | Modified: 2007-06-10 20:37 by Amnon82
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