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Paldo Installer CD 1.11 stable (x86)
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 Paldo Installer CD 1.11 stable (x86)
The new paldo-installer is planed for release 1.12 so our actual release don't has an installer on the livecd. Therefor my installer cd image jumps in.

Followed languages are supported: english, french, german, italian, polish, portuguese, spanish and turkish. I dismissed the smooth-themes in this images.

Image Size: 636,7 MB
Build Date: 07 Aug 2007 14:46:27
Build Host:


use upkg-upgrade --verbose if you want to update your already installed paldo system to upgrade to the latest release.

Hope the new installer will be soon in testing branch ...
Erstellt: 2007-08-07 18:15 von Amnon82
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