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Great distro -- a few personal tweaks
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 Great distro -- a few personal tweaks
Junior Mitglied
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Registered: 2006-06-12
I think you folks are doing an oustanding job with this distro, and I hope the work continues. Overall, your choices for applications are excellent and I like the good amount of development and server tools. Too many distros these days focus strictly on the desktop. Of course, you've done a good job there as well. I like the fact that most packages seem to be pretty much "as is" with out much source or configure tweaking. I currently am a CRUX user and was just trying out Paldo because the philosophy behind it intrigued me. I've been using it for a few days now, and I think it's here to stay. Having come from CRUX, I had no problems with the install (once I figured out the keyboard layout ).

At this point my only suggestions are purely personal preferences.

1. I would like upkg to be more verbose. Before installing I missed the --stdout option, and so couldn't tell if anything was happening or not. I like to know what's going on.

2. Galeon instead of Epiphany. A personal preference, of course.

3. I much prefer totem-xine over totem-gstreamer. Many less packages to maintain and I've always had better luck with the xine engine as compared to gstreamer, especially as a browser plugin.

That's all I've noticed to this point. I'm still getting accustomed to upkg. Once I get the hang of it, I may try to add my own packages (such as bzflag ).

Thanks for your efforts,
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Created: 2006-06-12 02:27
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 Re: Great distro -- a few personal tweaks
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Registered: 2004-09-09

Nice to see the paldo comunity growing.

Upkg is at its current stage not a very nice tool. It does what it has to and not much more... Most Errors are reported via Exceptions . Since it works we don't have the motivation to make it nicer... i know we're lazy .

We use Epiphany because its basically GNOME's choice. If you like Galeon, create a upkg package for it (gnome apps are absolute trivial to create just take one and change its name). We would add that to the repository of course.

We used totem-xine for a while but since totem sees its future in gstreamer there is no point using xine anymore. The whole mediaplayer stuff is a real mess. You'll see that there are really many mediaplayers included. We hope that with gstreamer getting better and better that these are made redundand.

Have Fun.
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Created: 2006-06-14 15:25
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