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What hardware detection scripts do we use?
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 What hardware detection scripts do we use?
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Registered: 2006-11-23
Most people say that knoppix has the best hardware detection. Now I'm wondering what detection scripts do we use in paldo?
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Created: 2007-04-11 12:35
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 Re: What hardware detection scripts do we use?
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Registered: 2004-09-09
Fortunately more and more hardware detection is done by upstream packages themselves, so we don't need fancy detection scripts anymore. PCI, USB, and PCMCIA devices with kernel drivers are already handled by simple udev rules and modprobe as kernel modules export supported device ids. We're still using a simple detection script for Xorg but that will hopefully become obsolete with one of the following Xorg server/driver releases.
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Created: 2007-04-11 14:36
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