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Gnome 2.18 RC - released 28.02.07
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 Gnome 2.18 RC - released 28.02.07
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Registered: 2006-11-23
Gnome 2.18 RC (2.17.92) got released today. When do you guys think it will be avaiable in the unstable-branch?

Is there a list of all gnome-files? ... or a meta-spec?
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Created: 2007-02-28 14:32
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 Re: Gnome 2.18 RC - released 28.02.07
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I'll probably commit the update tomorrow evening.
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Created: 2007-02-28 23:59
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 Re: Gnome 2.18 RC - released 28.02.07
Posts: 1187
Registered: 2006-11-23
Is there a list of all packages of gnome? I'll help you the next time. I entered gnome into Package Search and got:

* abiword: GNOME word processor
o stable: abiword-2.4.6-1
* alacarte: GNOME Menu Editor
o unstable: alacarte-0.11.3-1
o stable: alacarte-0.10.2-1
* banshee: gnome music management and playback application
o stable: banshee-0.11.6-1
o testing: banshee-0.11.7-1
* bookmark-applet: Bookmarks menu showing file chooser bookmarks in the GNOME Panel
o stable: bookmark-applet-0.9-4
* cohoba: GNOME interface for Telepathy backend
o unstable: cohoba-0.0.4-1
* devhelp: API documentation browser for GNOME 2
o testing: devhelp-0.13-1
o stable: devhelp-0.12-1
* dia: gnome diagram tool
o stable: dia-0.95-1-2
o unstable: dia-0.96-pre4-1
* eiciel: GNOME file ACL editor
o stable: eiciel-0.8.4-1
* eog: eye of gnome
o unstable: eog-2.17.91-1
o stable: eog-2.16.3-1
* evince: gnome document viewer - pdf, ps, dvi, images
o stable: evince-0.6.1-1
o unstable: evince-0.7.2-1
* evolution: gnome pim
o unstable: evolution-2.9.91-1
o stable: evolution-2.8.3-1
* gail: GNOME Accessibility Implementation Library
o unstable: gail-1.17.0-1
o stable: gail-1.10.1-1
* gaim: gnome instant messenger
o unstable: gaim-2.0.0beta6-2
o stable: gaim-2.0.0beta6-1
* gcalctool: gnome calculator
o unstable: gcalctool-5.9.12-1
o stable: gcalctool-5.8.25-1
* gconf-2.0: gnome conf
o stable: gconf-2.0-2.16.0-1
* gconf-editor: gnome configuration editor
o stable: gconf-editor-2.16.0-1
o unstable: gconf-editor-2.17.0-1
* gdl-1.0: GNOME development library
o unstable: gdl-1.0-0.7.2-1
o stable: gdl-1.0-0.6.1-1
* gdm: gnome desktop manager
o unstable: gdm-2.17.7-1
o stable: gdm-2.16.5-1
* gftp: GNOME FTP Client
o stable: gftp-2.0.18-1
* ghex: gnome hex editor
o stable: ghex-2.8.2-2
* glabels: label and business card creation program for GNOME
o stable: glabels-2.1.1-1
* gnome-applets: GNOME Applets
o unstable: gnome-applets-2.17.1-4
o stable: gnome-applets-2.16.2-1
* gnome-audio: default sound files for GNOME
o stable: gnome-audio-2.0.0-1
* gnome-backgrounds: set of backgrounds packaged with the GNOME desktop
o stable: gnome-backgrounds-2.16.2-1
* gnome-bluetooth: bluetooth manager user interface
o stable: gnome-bluetooth-0.8.0-3
* gnome-build-1.0: This is the GNOME Build Framework (GBF) used by integrated development environments such as Anjuta.
o stable: gnome-build-1.0-0.1.3-1
o unstable: gnome-build-1.0-0.1.5-1
* gnome-common: common scripts and macros to develop with gnome
o stable: gnome-common-2.12.0-1
* gnome-control-center: GNOME control center
o stable: gnome-control-center-2.16.3-1
o unstable: gnome-control-center-2.17.91-2
* gnome-cups-manager: gnome printer manager
o stable: gnome-cups-manager-0.31-1
* gnome-desktop: gnome desktop library
o unstable: gnome-desktop-2.17.91-1
o stable: gnome-desktop-2.16.3-1
* gnome-doc-utils: collection of documentation utilities for the Gnome project
o stable: gnome-doc-utils-0.8.0-1
o unstable: gnome-doc-utils-0.9.2-1
* gnome-games: GNOME Games Collection
o unstable: gnome-games-2.17.91-1
o stable: gnome-games-2.16.3-1
* gnome-icon-theme: icon themes for the gnome desktop
o unstable: gnome-icon-theme-2.17.91-1
o stable: gnome-icon-theme-2.16.1-1
* gnome-keyring: key / password ring for gnome
o unstable: gnome-keyring-0.7.92-1
o stable: gnome-keyring-0.6.0-1
* gnome-keyring-manager: Keyring (secrets) manager for GNOME
o stable: gnome-keyring-manager-2.16.0-1
o unstable: gnome-keyring-manager-2.17.0-1
* gnome-media: gnome multimedia utilites
o stable: gnome-media-2.16.1-1
o unstable: gnome-media-2.17.91-1
* gnome-menus: gnome desktop menu library
o stable: gnome-menus-2.16.1-1
o unstable: gnome-menus-2.17.91-1
* gnome-mime-data: gnome mime data
o stable: gnome-mime-data-2.4.3-1
* gnome-mount: Programs for mounting, unmounting and ejecting storage devices
o stable: gnome-mount-0.5-2
* gnome-netstatus: gnome network status applet
o stable: gnome-netstatus-2.12.0-1
o testing: gnome-netstatus-2.12.1-1
* gnome-nettool: gnome nettool: ping, traceroute and network infos
o stable: gnome-nettool-2.16.0-1
o unstable: gnome-nettool-2.17.4-1
* gnome-panel: GNOME Panel
o unstable: gnome-panel-2.17.91-1
o stable: gnome-panel-2.16.3-1
* gnome-power-manager: Power Manager for GNOME
o unstable: gnome-power-manager-2.17.91-1
o stable: gnome-power-manager-2.16.3-1
* gnome-python: Python bindings for gnome libraries
o unstable: gnome-python-2.17.2-1
o stable: gnome-python-2.16.2-1
* gnome-python-desktop-2.0: Python bindings for additional gnome libraries
o stable: gnome-python-desktop-2.0-2.16.0-2
o unstable: gnome-python-desktop-2.0-2.17.3-1
* gnome-python-extras-2.0: Python bindings for additional gnome libraries
o stable: gnome-python-extras-2.0-2.14.2-3
* gnome-screensaver: gnome screensaver with user switching via gdm
o unstable: gnome-screensaver-2.17.7-1
o stable: gnome-screensaver-2.16.3-2
* gnome-session: GNOME session
o unstable: gnome-session-
o stable: gnome-session-2.16.3-1
* gnome-sharp-2.0: Gnome# - C# binding for GNOME libraries
o stable: gnome-sharp-2.0-2.16.0-1
* gnome-spell: GNOME/Bonobo component for spell checking
o stable: gnome-spell-1.0.7-1
* gnome-system-monitor: gnome system monitor
o stable: gnome-system-monitor-2.16.1-1
o unstable: gnome-system-monitor-2.17.91-1
* gnome-system-tools: gnome system tools
o stable: gnome-system-tools-2.14.0-2
* gnome-terminal: gnome terminal emulation
o unstable: gnome-terminal-2.17.91-1
o stable: gnome-terminal-2.16.1-2
* gnome-themes: themes for the gnome desktop
o unstable: gnome-themes-2.17.91-1
o stable: gnome-themes-2.16.3-2
* gnome-themes-extras: extra themes for the gnome desktop
o stable: gnome-themes-extras-0.8.1-2
o unstable: gnome-themes-extras-0.9.0-1
* gnome-user-docs: GNOME User Guide
o stable: gnome-user-docs-2.16.1-1
* gnome-utils: gnome desktop utilities
o unstable: gnome-utils-2.17.92-1
o stable: gnome-utils-2.16.2-1
* gnome-vfs-2.0: The GNOME virtual file-system libraries
o unstable: gnome-vfs-2.0-2.17.91-1
o stable: gnome-vfs-2.0-2.16.3-1
* gnome-volume-manager: Manage removable drives and media
o stable: gnome-volume-manager-2.15.0-1
o unstable: gnome-volume-manager-2.17.0-1
* gnomebaker: gnome cd burning application
o stable: gnomebaker-0.6.1-2
* gnumeric: GNOME spreadsheet application
o stable: gnumeric-1.6.3-2
o unstable: gnumeric-1.7.7-1
* gossip: Jabber instant messaging client for GNOME
o unstable: gossip-telepathy-voip-20061-1
* gparted: gnome frontend to GNU parted partition manager
o stable: gparted-0.3.3-1
* gpp: gnome photo printer
o stable: gpp-0.6.5-1
* gstreamer-0.10: gnome multimedia library
o stable: gstreamer-0.10-0.10.11-1
* gthumb: gnome image viewer
o stable: gthumb-2.8.1-2
o unstable: gthumb-2.9.2-1
* gtk-doc: gtk/gnome code documentor
o stable: gtk-doc-1.7-1
o testing: gtk-doc-1.8-1
* gucharmap: gnome unicode charmap
o stable: gucharmap-1.8.0-1
o unstable: gucharmap-1.9.0-1
* inkscape: gnome vector drawing program
o stable: inkscape-0.44.1-1
o testing: inkscape-0.45-1
* intltool: gnome internationalization tool
o testing: intltool-0.35.5-1
o stable: intltool-0.35.4-1
* jokosher: Multi-track sound editor for GNOME
o stable: jokosher-0.1-2
* libart: gnome art library
o stable: libart-2.3.17-1
* libbonobo-2.0: bonobo library for gnome
o stable: libbonobo-2.0-2.16.0-1
o unstable: libbonobo-2.0-2.17.91-1
* libbonoboui-2.0: bonobo user interface library for gnome
o stable: libbonoboui-2.0-2.16.0-1
o unstable: libbonoboui-2.0-2.17.91-1
* libgda: gnome db data abstraction layer
o stable: libgda-1.2.3-2
* libgnome-2.0: gnome library
o unstable: libgnome-2.0-2.17.91-1
o stable: libgnome-2.0-2.16.0-1
* libgnomecanvas-2.0: gnome canvas widget library
o stable: libgnomecanvas-2.0-2.14.0-2
* libgnomecups-1.0: gnome cups library
o stable: libgnomecups-1.0-0.2.2-1
* libgnomedb: gnome db library
o stable: libgnomedb-1.2.2-3
* libgnomekbd: GNOME keyboard shared library
o unstable: libgnomekbd-2.17.2-2
* libgnomeprint-2.2: gnome printing library
o stable: libgnomeprint-2.2-2.12.1-2
o unstable: libgnomeprint-2.2-2.17.91-1
* libgnomeprintui-2.2: gnome printing user interface library
o stable: libgnomeprintui-2.2-2.12.1-1
o unstable: libgnomeprintui-2.2-2.17.91-1
* libgnomesu-1.0: library for providing superuser privileges to GNOME applications
o stable: libgnomesu-1.0-0.9.7-2
* libgnomeui-2.0: gnome user interface library
o unstable: libgnomeui-2.0-2.17.91-1
o stable: libgnomeui-2.0-2.16.1-1
* libgsf-1: gnome structured file library
o stable: libgsf-1-1.14.3-1
* libgtkhtml-3.8: gnome html rendering library
o unstable: libgtkhtml-3.8-3.13.91-1
o stable: libgtkhtml-3.8-3.12.3-1
* libgtop-2.0: gnome system monitor library
o testing: libgtop-2.0-2.14.7-1
o stable: libgtop-2.0-2.14.6-1
* librsvg-2.0: gnome svg rendering library
o stable: librsvg-2.0-2.16.1-1
* libxml: gnome xml library
o stable: libxml-1.8.17-1
* libxml2: gnome xml library
o stable: libxml2-2.6.27-1
* liferea: gnome reader for online news feeds
o testing: liferea-1.2.6-1
o stable: liferea-1.2.5-1
* mail-notification: GNOME Mail Status Icon
o stable: mail-notification-2.0-2
* meld: GNOME visual diff and merge tool (supports cvs and svn diffs and syntax highlighting)
o stable: meld-1.1.4-2
* metacity: gnome window manager
o unstable: metacity-2.17.5-1
o stable: metacity-2.16.5-1
* nautilus: gnome file manager
o unstable: nautilus-2.17.91-1
o stable: nautilus-2.16.3-2
* netspeed_applet: gnome network speed applet
o stable: netspeed_applet-0.13-3
* openjade: API documentation browser for GNOME 2
o stable: openjade-1.3.2-4
* ORBit-2.0: gnome ORB
o testing: ORBit-2.0-2.14.6-1
o stable: ORBit-2.0-2.14.5-1
* pam_keyring: Unlock GNOME keyring with login password
o stable: pam_keyring-0.0.8-1
* pan: easy-to-use newsreader for gnome
o stable: pan-0.14.2-2
* pango: high-level gnome font rendering library
o unstable: pango-1.15.6-1
o stable: pango-1.14.10-1
o stable: pango-i686-pc-mingw32-1.14.9-2
* planner: gnome project management program
o stable: planner-0.14.2-1
* pyorbit: Python bindings for gnome libraries
o stable: pyorbit-2.14.1-2
* quick-lounge-applet: GNOME Panel Applet to organize application launchers
o stable: quick-lounge-applet-2.12.4-1
* revelation: GNOME Password Manager
o stable: revelation-0.4.11-1
* rhythmbox: gnome music player
o testing: rhythmbox-0.9.8-1
o stable: rhythmbox-0.9.7-1
* scrollkeeper: gnome documentation cataloging system
o stable: scrollkeeper-0.3.14-4
* sound-juicer: gnome cd ripper
o stable: sound-juicer-2.16.3-1
* soundconverter: Sound conversion application for GNOME
o testing: soundconverter-0.9.3-1
* system-tools-backends: Backends for GNOME System Tools
o stable: system-tools-backends-1.4.2-2
* thoggen: GNOME DVD Ripper
o stable: thoggen-0.6.0-1
* totem: gnome video player
o unstable: totem-2.17.92-1
o stable: totem-2.16.5-1
* vte: gnome virtual terminal emulation library
o unstable: vte-0.15.3-1
o stable: vte-0.14.2-1
* xchat: gnome irc
o stable: xchat-2.8.0-1
* yelp: gnome help system
o stable: yelp-2.16.2-1
* zapping: gnome tv viewer application
o stable: zapping-0.10cvs6-4

You've no meta-spec right? What of the packages are needed? Seems only the unstable ones.
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Created: 2007-03-01 07:22
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 Re: Gnome 2.18 RC - released 28.02.07
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I'll just update the packages that have been updated and uploaded to the GNOME FTP server according to the ftp-release-list. There is no meta-spec for the GNOME Desktop release as that's normally not really useful for paldo users.
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Created: 2007-03-01 07:47
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 only for understanding
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So you look into the LATEST file or what?

I checked that file. There are not all packages listed which got updated.

I know that a meta-spec won't be usefull for some users here, but it will if we start to generate CDs with different desktops like Paldo-K with KDE for instance.

Can you tell me which way you take a look to get the info which packages got updated?

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Created: 2007-03-02 07:51 | Modified: 2007-03-02 07:52 by Amnon82
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 Re: Gnome 2.18 RC - released 28.02.07
Posts: 426
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Created: 2007-03-02 07:53
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 Re: Gnome 2.18 RC - released 28.02.07
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thx. will do that.

I checked also the and noticed GARNOME.

So 2.17.92 will be these files:


or jhbuild.

What do you guys use to build gnome?

I think a meta-spec will be usefull.
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Created: 2007-03-02 09:15 | Modified: 2007-03-02 12:56 by Amnon82
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 Re: Gnome 2.18 RC - released 28.02.07
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Update is complete since Friday.
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Created: 2007-03-04 16:44
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