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Distrowatch updates
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Discontinued 32 bit release still listed in Distrowatch and on the paldo web page
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 Distrowatch updates
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With the phasing out of the 32 bit flavour, it is a good time to update the entry for paldo. The description has been stale for quite some time, e.g., with mention of icewm as an available desktop and "data rescue" and "live medium" as the distribution categories (leaving the impression that paldo isn't intended to be installed).

As a rolling release without substantive release announcements, the paldo landing page is really the only information Distrowatch provides on the distro and getting it right is worth doing. Expanding the biannual announcements with some additional narrative and submitting them to Distrowatch would also be worth considering.

The roadmap for paldo is apparently to keep it a low key, personal project, but some presence in the linux user ecosystem would seem desirable.

I'd be willing to suggest some updated English wording, but only the project leads can submit edits for the Distrowatch entry, according to its rules.

Could some updates be considered?

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Created: 2017-10-30 09:22
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