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question of use root in console when connected
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 question of use root in console when connected
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Registered: 2007-11-13

When I install I give a root password and a new default user.

Why after in console when I do a "sudo su" it not want the root password ?

It not secure !
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Created: 2016-04-24 12:43
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 Re: question of use root in console when connected
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Registered: 2004-09-09
sudo never asks for the root password, it asks for the user's password. su (without sudo) asks for the root password.

However, the current default configuration of sudo in paldo is to not ask for any password if the user is in the wheel group. The user created by paldo-installer is a member of the wheel group.

We should probably make the default configuration more strict, however, you can easily configure sudo on your system to your preference using visudo.
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Created: 2016-04-24 15:00
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