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Senior Mitglied
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My PC (Athlon XP 2700) does not support sse2, therefore the last flash player version, which works, is lfp11.2.202.236.
I would like to install paldo, but where can I get this
pepper flash from Chromium does not work (because sse2 is a must now as well.
Best regards from the Kanton Solothurn
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Created: 2014-06-14 09:43
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 Re: with non sse2 support
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Hi, mumpf. I used an archive developer version of flashplayer when I ran into the same problem - a late 10.xx release, if I recall. I found it in the flashplayer archive site (adobe says the site will be back up later today).

Upkg-upgrade may still require installation of the latest supported fp version as a dependency, so you may end up with both packages installed and will need to manually point to the older one.

Keep in mind that paldo is rolling release and may not run well with older hardware (paldo-desktop/gnome 3, etc), although I still have an old box running fluxbox on top of paldo base.

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Created: 2014-06-19 07:09
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