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"Mizuno JPX-800
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 "Mizuno JPX-800
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"Mizuno JPX-800

Mizuno MP 59 Irons Clubhead is dark blue in color with a silver face. Shaft is a stiff flex Exsar DS5 shaft. Exsar is the brand of shaft that Mizuno uses for their own clubs, their in-house brand, so to speak.Mizuno JPX 800 Irons length is 45.5 inches. Head is large looking, even for a 460cc driver, which is deep from front to back, and almost appears to have a very very slight triangular shaft in that the middle of the back extends further back rather than being rounded. Still, it is a fairly traditional looking driver clubhead in shape. Loft is 9* Club had been re-gripped with a corded Golf Pride grip by previous owner. Mizuno JPX 800 Driver Shaft is dark in color, though the area just below the grip is white for about six inches, with little silver designs within the white area. A very nice looking shaft. Website says shaft is 59 grams, and has a torque of 3.7*. Generally hit the driver well, as well as fairways, hybrids."
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