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need some help to get it proper.
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 need some help to get it proper.
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Registered: 2006-11-23
From the IRC:

<juergbi> you shouldn't downgrade your system gcc anyway just like that
<amnon> avisynth needs gcc-4.0 for the moment
<amnon> how should I tell avisynth to use gcc-4.0 instead of gcc-4.1
<juergbi> you should install it like gcc-3.4 in paldo
<amnon> so i need only the gcc-g++-4.0-20070128.tar.bz2
<amnon> also the gcc-core-4.0-20070128.tar.bz2 ???
<juergbi> you need both
<amnon> k.
<juergbi> gcc-core is referenced in the <archive> tag
<amnon> and how to tell the avisynth-package to use gcc-4.0
<juergbi> gcc-3.4 installs gcc-3.4 binaries, so it won't conflict with gcc 4.1
<juergbi> install with CC=gcc-4.0
<juergbi> (and maybe also CXX=g++-4.0 or something like that)

I did this specs:


cos this packages needing GCC 4.0 for the moment:


avisynth.xml restores GCC like this:

Code[In neuem Fenster öffnen]
# restore gcc and cleanup

echo "Cleaning stuff up"
rm -f /var/lib/upkg/packages/downgrade-gcc*
rm -f /var/lib/upkg/packages/gcc-4.0*

echo "Restoring GCC"
upkg-install gcc

For avisynth.xml I might can use ./configure --cc=gcc-4.0 --gxx=g++-4.0 but what can I use for Phyton and gcc.mak?
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Created: 2007-02-08 23:54
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 Re: need some help to get it proper.
Posts: 1187
Registered: 2006-11-23
We solved it. It works now with GCC 4.1, so there is no need to downgrade GCC anymore.
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Created: 2007-02-09 21:57
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