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suggestions for qt-4.xml
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 suggestions for qt-4.xml
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I want to try to compile AVIDemux 2.4 SVN. The upcoming version of AVIDemux uses QT4 what we don't have in our distro. Now my question:

How should the xml for qt4 be?

Seems qt4 gets different compiled as the older versions:

Code[In neuem Fenster öffnen]
3.  Building

To configure the Qt library for your machine type, run the
./configure script in the package directory.

By default, Qt is configured for installation in the
/usr/local/Trolltech/Qt-4.2.2 directory, but this can be
changed by using the -prefix option. Alternatively, the
-prefix-install option can be used to specify a "local"
installation within the source directory.

cd /tmp/qt-x11-opensource-src-4.2.2

Type "./configure -help" to get a list of all available options.

To create the library and compile all the demos, examples, tools,
and tutorials, type:


If you did not configure Qt using the -prefix-install option,
you need to install the library, demos, examples, tools, and
tutorials in the appropriate place. To do this, type:

su -c "make install"

and enter the root password.

Note that on some systems the make utility is named differently,
e.g. gmake. The configure script tells you which make utility to

If you need to reconfigure and rebuild Qt from the same location,
ensure that all traces of the previous configuration are removed
by entering the build directory and typing

make confclean

before running the configure script again.

4. Environment variables

In order to use Qt, some environment variables needs to be

PATH - to locate qmake, moc and other Qt tools

This is done like this:

In .profile (if your shell is bash, ksh, zsh or sh), add the
following lines:

export PATH

In .login (in case your shell is csh or tcsh), add the following line:

setenv PATH /usr/local/Trolltech/Qt-4.2.2/bin:$PATH

If you use a different shell, please modify your environment
variables accordingly.

For compilers that do not support rpath you must also extended the
LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable to include
/usr/local/Trolltech/Qt-4.2.2/lib. On Linux with GCC this step
is not needed.

5. That's all. Qt is now installed.

You can download it from here:

(I'll do now a backup of my paldo partition and try to come up with something)
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Created: 2007-02-07 19:05
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