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Information about releases and important changes in paldo.
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 Paldo GNU/Linux 1.11 Preview 1 (Installer CD)
I'm happy to present you the first preview of version 1.11.

These discs have language selection via grub menu. Followed languages are supported: english, french, german, italian, polish, portuguese, spanish and turkish

Also it might have the last pascal-build installer. We are porting the installer to vala. Hope we (I and Juerg) will have the first vala-build of the installer ready next weekend.

You can download the new ISOs here:

Latest x86 testing Installer CD (Paldo 1.11 - Gnome 2.18.2 flavored)
Image Size: 643.3 MB
Build Date: 23 Jun 2007 21:05:34 CEST
Build Host:


Latest x86_64 testing Installer CD (Paldo 1.11 - Gnome 2.18.2 flavored)
Image Size: 583.7 MB
Build Date: 23 Jun 2007 21:07:21 CEST
Build Host:


Post any bug you find on these discs here:

Bugreports for 1.11 Preview 1 (Installer CD)
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 Paldo 1.10 Developer Edition released
This edition of the installer cd includes Lazarus, MonoDevelop, Anjuta, Glade and other developer tools. You can even use it to code during the live-cd mode without installing it.

Download links

download 32 bit ISO
download 64 bit ISO

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Erstellt: 2007-05-19 22:47 von Amnon82
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 Paldo 1.10 - XFCE-Installer-CD released
I'm proud to present you the XFCE-Installer-CD of Paldo GNU/Linux.

This livecd uses XFCE as default desktop.
All installed packages you can read here:


The iso you can download from here:

Paldo-Installer-CD Download Page
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 Paldo 1.10 - Installer Video Guide
If you don't want to read the install guide on my wiki or here you can also watch it as a video:

watch the video

codecs: xvid - mp3

(C) 2007 by Amnon82
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Erstellt: 2007-05-06 14:41 von Amnon82
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 Paldo 1.10 released (Installer CD)
I'm proud to present you Paldo GNU/Linux 1.10 (Installer CD)

What are the new features:

Code[In neuem Fenster öffnen]
GCC: 4.1.2-1
GlibC: 2.5-20070218-1
X-ORG: 7.2
OpenOffice: 2.2-20070406-2
Installer: 20070503
Nvidia: 1.0-9755-1
ATI-xf86: 6.6.3-1
Gnome: 2.18.1
Gaim: 2.0.0beta6-3
Gimp: 2.2.14-1

Full list of packages on this release you can read here.

What are the main changes to version 1.9:

  • We are using now aufs in the testing branch so I had to rewrite the installer for it.
  • Now you can start the installer from the desktop.
  • Also we changed the startup of X11 using a black background.
  • NetworkManager configures now the network cards instead of ifup
  • For firefox we are using now the community edition
  • Lots of bugs we found in our last release are fixed now.

You can download the Installer CDs, provided by me (Amnon82), from here:

Download page of the Installer CD

The official iso-images should be avaiable tonight.
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 Paldo Installer CD goes beta
As Juerg and Rasa don't have the time for the Installer CD I'm the distributor for these ISO-files atm until my installer got merged with the normal LiveCD. You can download my ISO-Builds here:

Installer CD Homepage

If you have any problems with these files contact me via PM and tell me what problem do you have with them.

... btw: Paldo 1.10 gets released today, so stay tuned.
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 New Installer-LiveCD Image
A new image of my Installer-LiveCD is avaiable.


- actual packages from today
- X11 gets loaded with a black backround (not the ugly one with white dots)
- added .desktop-file of the installer to the Desktop
- little cosmetics in the installer

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Erstellt: 2007-04-24 23:07 von Amnon82
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 Paldo 1.9.0 LiveCD by amnon (32 bit) fixing upload
The 32 bit ISO I announced at the 3rd April 2007 was not fully uploaded.
The ISO should be fully uploaded in the early morning tomorrow.

The file should have the size of 672.3 MB (704940032 bytes).

Sorry for the circumstances.

[Edit] I fixed the rights for the ISO. Now it can be downloaded.
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 Paldo 1.9.0 LiveCD with installer (32/64 bit)
Now it is finally done.

I coded an installer for Paldo GNU/Linux. So you can install paldo offline in couple of minutes.

The features of the installer:

Version 1.9.0

  • Paldo-Installer 1.9.0-20070403
    - uses gparted for partitioning
    - runs on 32bit and 64bit
    - can add new user
    - can change keyboard-layout (via xkmap)
    - customizes hostname, domainname and hosts
    - detects windows partitions and add them to the bootmenu
  • all packages of paldo-desktop

I coded two builds. One is gtk1, the other gtk2. At the moment gtk1 is more stable. If you got troubles with the nicer gtk2-installer, try the gtk1 one.

You'll find the installers at Applications > System Tools > Install Paldo

Downloading the ISOs:

===32bit Versions===

===64bit Versions===

Installation Guide:

A german installation guide can be found at my wiki
The one in english will come later ...

What we need from you:
  • Tell us if you like the installer
  • Tell us what you miss in the installer
  • Tell us the problems you have with the installer

Post bugs you find in the installer here.

Have fun with Paldo GNU/Linux
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 New development tracking system
Today we launched our new Trac portal. It's intended to cover all development processes around paldo hence bugzilla is offline and wont be used anymore.

Have fun.
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